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Ecstatic Time

Los Angeles | February 12 - March 19th

Patrick with Flowers, 2021, oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches

These paintings are the product of my relocation to Los Angeles from Berlin, a shift that gave me new perspectives on my practice, the world, and the relationship between the two. I have returned to the simple question “What do you care about?” repeatedly, and increasingly I find the answer in my immediate surroundings and the person I share this space with.

Answers in small moments that stop me in my tracks.

More than ever, I trust that in these moments there is something worth holding on to, regardless, or perhaps emphatically, because of their quotidian and humble makeup.

The paintings were created as a way to spend more time in these moments, to think through their conditions–their lighting, actors, setting, and props–and somehow preserve the spark.

These paintings are swift and open and fluid and searching.

These paintings are happening now. They are first person paintings filled with my queerness, my looking, my desire, and my delight.

And there is an excess, an overwhelming nature to the material handling that signals to something beyond the bare facts of the situation. These fleeting moments are like eruptions, like breaks in the dam revealing the quotidian as abundance, or, in the words of Jose Esteban Munoz, as “[an] affective excess that presents the enabling force of a forward-dawning futurity that is queerness.”

And the queer relational bliss that Munoz describes has “the ability to rewrite a larger map of everyday life.”

These paintings draw you in close, envelop you in their unfolding space and tuck you into the weave of their open brushwork. They invite you. The door is open. The time and place for relational bliss is now. There is hope. The map will be redrawn.

 Andrew Holmquist (b. 1985) is an artist based in Los Angeles. Raised in Northfield, Minnesota, he moved to Chicago in 2003 to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his BFA (08) and MFA (14) and was awarded the Merit Scholarship, the Carrie Ellen Tuttle Fellowship, and the Luminarts Cultural Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship for young and promising artists in the Chicago region. Following his studies at SAIC, he relocated to Berlin, where he lived until relocating to L.A. in early 2019. His work was included in the 2015 edition of the biannual juried exhibition “Ground Floor” at the Hyde Park Art Center, which serves as a survey of the best work created by MFA degree recipients in the Chicago area, and in 2016, he was invited to participate in the Vancouver Arts Festival, where his work was featured in the exhibition Drama Queer, examining the queer perspective in contemporary art. 2017 saw his paintings included in the exhibition “Eternal Youth” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. His work is in the permanent collections of Rachofsky Collection at The Warehouse, Dallas, the Illinois State Museum, the Providence College Collection, the University of Illinois, the University of Chicago, the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, as well as the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, The Progressive Art Collection, the BMO Harris Art Collection, the Fidelity Art Collection, and the First Midwest Bank Collection. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Nashville, Williamstown, Vancouver, and Berlin. His work will be featured in the forthcoming book, Internet/Art: The First Thirty Years, written by Omar Kholeif and published by Phaidon.

Written by Andrew Holmquist

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