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Group Show


Los Angeles | January 2 - March 18 2016

Jennifer Sullivan, Kelly Kleinschrodt, Pascual Sisto, Scoli Acosta and Stephanie Taylor all of whom utilize or reference sound in their work, encompassing a wide range of disciplines and materials. A Siren exists as both a warning signal and an alluring mythological sea creature. In our case, the Siren presents an urgent entreaty to the audience to focus and listen. Two soundbaths in the new meditation space above Five Car Garage will accompany the show as well as several talks and performances (details updated regularly).

Due to the experiential nature of the work, the gallery will not have a public opening, but smaller RSVP only by appointments/groupings. Siren runs for 2 months Jan 22- March 18th 2016

Adrienne Adar, presents “Sonic Succulents,” in her ongoing series which animates plants with sound, seeking to activate unexpected connections to the natural environment.   Jesse Fleming’s artistic practice utilizes media, technology, and social practices to transform the perceived boundary between self and other. Fleming’s contribution is sourced from his recent trip to monasteries in Japan. Jennifer Sullivan reveals her  full catalogue of cathartic cover songs using karaoke as a metaphor for her interdisciplinary artistic process, Jennifer will join us on the weekend of Jan 29/30th for a special live performance. Alison O’Daniel’s work peels apart both cinema and music to prod at questions of representation and reception while aiming to provide a more nuanced auditory and narrative experience. Her work in Siren is composed of verticle textile scores made of morse code translations of closed captions and audio cues from my film, The Tuba Thieves. Some of the scores directly translate closed caption elements into morse code: Room Tone...Telephone is translated into the dots and dashes of Morse, while others contain the names of the three composers - Christine Sun Kim, Ethan Frederick Greene, and Steve Rodee. O'Daniel is tangentially working with sound through tactile and visual means, while removing the aural component almost entirely.

Stephanie Taylor’s work is focused on the medium of language as a sonic phenomenon, and on the many different materials and shapes into which it may be transformed, including sculpture, photography, and song. Taylor will show a sound based sculpture piece “Siren” and a silkscreen.“Daisy” is the title of Pascual Sisto’s karaoke video about the song Daisy Bell, which was used in the earliest demonstration of computer speech synthesis and referenced it in the 1968 novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.  David Schafer’s sculpture “Two one of a Kind” is based on cassette tape recording of Umberto Eco lecturing at Stanford University in 1987 about Fakes and Originals. David Hendren's "Varision 1" draws from John Cage's "Variation" scores. The work's loose approach to the idea of musical scores, coupled with elements of chance, tie in Cage's methodologies. Kelly Kleinschrodt’s  video ‘vvater cut’ series, speaks to the artist’s desire to catch and filet a fish alongside her father while simultaneously disrupting and destabilizing information that has been passed down for generations within her own family.

In “Pink Constellation", Scoli Acosta reveals the third in a series of Pentagonal Monochrome (tambourine) arrangements that draw upon the ancient idea of the Music of the Spheres.