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Jasmine Little


Los Angeles | March 23 - May 7 2019

Five Car Garage is pleased to present “Prospect” a solo exhibition of new paintings by Colorado based artist Jasmine Little in Garage Number 1.   “Prospect” is the street name where Little has been working in residence in Pasadena, California, with master ceramicist Stan Edmondson. The particularly wet LA winter causes long breaks from working outside with clay as the artist seeks refuge in an indoor painting studio. Jasmine Little’s paintings typically develop in relationship to the ceramics and are informed by her immediate environment; LA, weather,  the artist’s studio and local flora and fauna.   She works intuitively and often layers the paintings with covert references from art history, in this case Little has been inspired by the Hieronymous Bosch painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.

The series of twenty or so smaller oil paintings reveal naked ladies lounging-among-the-foliage-eating-strawberries,  lute players, southwestern style men on horseback  (also naked) and dark still life paintings in blues and browns with groups of faces peering almost out of the  frame. Bowls of lemons entwined with palm leaves, jostle next to bright red flower paintings in vermillion and cadmium. It’s  loose and languid and then staccato, just like how Spring in California  often announces her arrival: rudely violent, vibrant and hot - straight to 90 degrees.

Jasmine Little’s recent exhibitions include a mushroom themed show at Gildar Gallery, Denver, during mushroom season in Colorado where the work was influenced by the act of foraging and historical still life paintings.  Fountain, at Lefebvre et Fils in Paris, which was based on the imagery at the Fountain of Versailles a short walk from walk from the artists two month residency there last year.Jasmine Little was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1984; she lives and works in Alamaso, CO. She studied at Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, CA, the University of California, Los Angeles, CA and Adam State University, Alamosa, CO. She has exhibited internationally including exhibitions at Lefebvre & Fils, Paris; FOXRIVER, Singapore; Pon Ding, Taipei; Tripp Gallery, London; HangART-7, Austria. Nationally she has exhibited at Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles; The Range, Sagueche, CO; INMO Gallery, Los Angeles; Dread Lounge, Los Angeles.