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Group Show

Oneiric Landscapes

Los Angeles | March 23 - May 12 2019
Artists: Sara Kathryn Arledge, Trisha Baga, David McDonald, Alexandra Grant, Greg Ito, Jasmine Little, Tahnee Lonsdale, L,
Aubrey Ingmar Manson, Max Maslansky, David McDonald, Alan Prazniak, Raychael Stine and Flora Wiegmann.

“Oneiric Landscapes” brings together works of art by 12 contemporary artists loosely inspired by the marks, forms and ideas created by Sara Kathryn Arledge during a very creative era around 1966. At the core of the exhibition, four unseen works on paper made by Arledge become a visionary stage for a playful exploration of fantastical dreamscapes. The landscape is opened up to reveal multiple expressions and media, contained in a dream-like field of vision. Brush strokes become body parts, limbs morph into mountains or tree-branches, and clouds masque as steam from a “fantasy train” emerging out of a field and body of water. Many cultures uphold the significance of oneirism, and “dreaming” always comprises the significance of place. The “landscape” in this exhibition, a classic trope in painting, and one frequently utilized in Arledge’s work, is our oneiric point of departure. Artist/dancer Flora Wiegmann, will create a dance at The Energetic Residency above the gallery dates/time to be announced shortly.