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Max Maslansky

Octopus and Vessels Pretending, Vessels of Birds Fishing and Crabs Emoting, Sardine Cans Opening, a Shell Bedroom, and Some Sea Gods that Feed on Shame

Los Angeles | September 12 - October 19 2020
Press:   Variablewest   ARTFORUM

Max Maslansky will present his first solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures and new paintings on September 12th. For the last few years Maslansky has been working increasingly with clay, probing a path away from his previously known 'porno paintings' towards an abiding fascination with sea creatures, from crabs to octopus, from fish to water fowl.

Meditating on expressions of interiority, masculinity, and shame, Maslansky attempts to live vicariously through animals of the deep and those who pry into it from above–which, in turn, 'masquerade' as traditional ceremonial vessels–to discover himself anew. Often a symbol of the unconscious, the abyssal depths of the sea serve Maslansky as an idealized stage of the 'imago', from which his previously unconscious forms emerge distilled and inflamed.