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David Hendren

Loose Fabric

Los Angeles | June 8 - September 13 2013

5 CAR GARAGE is opening this Saturday June 8th from 2-5pm for a solo exhibition by David Hendren titled Loose Fabric. David Hendren's paintings and sculptures reveal his continued interest in abstraction, hybrid shapes and construction. The organizational strategy of Hendren’s latest body of work draws structure from familiar objects (musical instruments, modern design items, ritual talismans, contemporary constructions), but departs from these forms through the use of anthropomorphic arrangements of material, altered dimensions and symbolism.

The goal of these interventions serve to re-envision an object’s relationship to its function, and explode the original connotations associated with the object. In addition to Hendren’s sculptural work, Loose Fabric, features a selection of new shade paintings and smaller two dimensional works on wooden panels. The shade paintings borrow from mid-century abstraction’s notion of the self-referential paintings, but hybridize this strategy with figuration and mirrored, or palindrome like arrangements of shapes, lending the works a more human presence.