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Los Angeles | March 26- May 7 2022

Similu’s “keepers” are heads and vessels forged in clay and glazed - they seek to explore and contain the artists story-telling myths and family secrets as handed down to her via her ancestors in Cameroon. Attached to the vessels are beaded items and feathers, keep sakes that have been sent to her from her aunt in Cameroon. Each item details the significance and importance of the symbols they represent in local and family history. These pieces are then embedded into the works, combining the energies of the artist’s present and past in one object. Not all of the ceramics contain attachments, but each artwork alludes to a story or idea - they are the ‘keepers’ of Leena’s history.

Leena Similu lives and works in Los Angeles,  she presents a solo exhibition “KEEPERS” at Emma Gray HQ in March 2022. Leena recently showed her works at Frieze Artfair LA and was in a group show at The Pit LA in January. Her last solo exhibition was Fourteen30 Contemporary in the summer of 2021 and prior to that a show at La Loma Projects in Pasadena. She is the Founder: The Chronicles of LA, Les Chiffoniers Ltd. Leena is in a two person booth with  Emma Gray HQ with New Mexico based artist Raychael Stine at NADA NY in May 2022.