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Los Angeles | April 15th  - June 10th 2023

“I’m invested in opening up the concept of an in-between space where identity is fluid along with cultures, languages and genders. My practice examines the potential of how all things can transcend their own definition and acquire a new meaning or life.” (Whitechapel Open catalogue, 2022)

Reyes McNamara’s recent works are rooted in research on Mexican and Irish mythology and in particular the recurrence of water myths within those two discourses. We recently showed works by Alicia at the NADA artfair in Miami and their latest exhibition was reviewed Waldemar Januszczak at Niru Ratnam Gallery in London. Alicia was included in Christies Women to watch exhibition in London.

This new series of paintings in “The Summoning" revolves around a gathering of ancient turtle and snail spirits that were seen as non-binary and feminine figures within folklore and mythology of both Ireland and Mexico. Their shells were seen to hold up the heavens and give access to the underworld. They move through both earth and sea and for that reason hold knowledge of liminal spaces carrying home on their backs. They are called in as guides through transitional periods in one’s life, often calling us to shape-shift and move through life more fluidly.

Reyes McNamara completed their MFA at University of Oxford Ruskin School of Art in 2016. They have recently shown in 'The London Open' Whitechapel Gallery, London (2022); Lismore Castle, Lismore (2021); and participated at the Skowhegan School of Painting Residency, Maine. (2022). They were commissioned by The Showroom as part of ‘Communal Knowledge’ (2018) and had a solo exhibition, ‘Nowhere Else’ at South London Gallery (2017).