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Group Show

Abstract Perversion

Los Angeles | September 28 - November 2 2013

Artists: Judith Bernstein, Richard Hawkins, Charles Irvin, Mike Kuchar, Galia Linn,
Max Maslansky, Jennifer Sullivan, Kenneth Tam, Christine Wang, Wintergarten Ltd., Nikhil Murthy

“To abstract” literally means to draw from or separate, which makes all artists abstractionists. They are those who choose a point of view among many possibilities. To abstract a perversion is to give an “embarrassing” thought form, but not all artists are perverts, though they should be. Perverts do not submit to molds of flattery as Beethoven once said.

The idea of the perverse is often ascribed to a deviant connotation, as a form of debauchery or moral turpitude; or, it’s simply seen as having “bad form” in public. The show is a love letter to such behavior, to otherwise marginalized sentiments expressed aloud, to insides crawling outside, to what is in fact a positive and regenerative form of production. Let everyday be Halloween.

-Max Maslansky