Max Maslansky EGHQ


Opening May 7, Max Maslansky “Behind The Internet
May 7th – June 8th Opening May 7th 2011 6-9pm

Emma Gray HQ presents an exhibition of new work by Max Maslansky. In Behind the Internet, Maslansky presents a new series of paintings, wall-collages, and a digital slide show, all born from his ever-growing image archive. Motivated by a peculiar case of scopophilia, Maslansky has gleaned the internet for the past three years on a daily basis and sequenced his findings into his Summer albums on Facebook. These images reveal Maslansky’s wide gamut of interests, which include fetishes, masks, funerals, odd rituals, and various taboos; but they also reveal his love of formal alliteration and its mutation of meaning; clicking through the albums, one odd photo begets another as if in a morphological or semiotic game. While propagating at a slower pace, and meant for slower reading, the paintings echo the photo albums by their sequencing in the gallery and their formal mutation away from their sources.

These paintings, shown alongside his Summer ‘08-‘10 slideshow, comprising images and text excerpts from Sir James George Frazer’s The Golden Bough, reveal the archive and the paintings to be equally relevant components to Maslansky’s project. The slideshow, somewhat of a compendium of Maslansky’s Facebook albums (with added elements), serves as the index for the paintings, which in turn, personalize imagery that otherwise came from the ether. Behind the Internet, in this sense, is Maslansky’s subjective filtering of the collective image bank, his panoply of “wrongs”, sequenced and refurbished together, in order to create them anew.

Max Maslansky has held solo exhibitions at Cherry & Martin, Los Angeles, in 2006 and 2007, and has participated in numerous local group exhibitions. Maslansky lives and works in Los Angeles.