Lucas Michael

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“Lucas Michael – 10 Years in LA” Jan 8th – Feb 15th 2011
Opening Reception Jan 8th 6-9pm 2011

EGHQ is proud to present “Lucas Michael – 10 years in LA” an exhibition, which will feature video, sculpture, photographs and drawings, surveying the most celebrated works made by Lucas Michael in the last decade in Los Angeles – before he departs for New York City. Lucas Michael’s work explores compulsion, narcissism and longing that open onto a broader conversation about semiotics and the erotics of aesthetics. While probing the division and multiplicity of self, role reversal, gender and identity, Michael also manages to blend the boundaries between the personal character of his work and the inherent public essence of displaying it, to create a space –both physical and psychological– at once private and public, open and hermetic.

The artist frequently inserts himself into his subject matter – notably in one series “Hers and His” in which Michael’s created a series of drawings of book covers by Sylvia Plath, inscribed by the artist. By inscribing the drawings as if he were the author, Michael inserts himself into the narrative, questioning in particular the pervasive interest in the sexual and personal life of Sylvia Plath and by proxy the artist himself. This idea is similarly revisited in “Michael’s Still Life (LM Squared)” shown above, depicting the artist re-enacting Liza Minnelli sitting for her Warhol portrait. David Louis Fierman captures the artists identity assimilation, writing: “The doubled, blurred image undermines the impossible glamour of the Warhol 1970’s society portrait, while it also reveals the slippery space of a star’s identity; an impersonator, an interloper, can break in and steal a bit of the shine or revel in the famous pain and dysfunction.”

A native of Argentina, Lucas Michael received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Lucas Michael is represented by Silverman Gallery and his work has been exhibited at the Getty Center in Los Angeles; Apexart, NY; S.M.A.K. Museum, Gent, Belgium; White Columns, NY and Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. His performance piece “No, u didn’t” was performed at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles as part of the Off Screen series. Lucas Michael’s work has been featured in Artforum, Art In America and Frieze. He is co-founder and co-director of Artist Curated Projects (ACP), an artist-run exhibition space.

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