Gregory Michael Hernandez


Gregory Michael Hernandez “FLATLAND: A Collision of Architectures”
Opening July 16 2011

Gregory Michael Hernandez creates a site-specific installation for Emma Gray Headquarters. For the final show after a year of programming in the current space, Hernandez incorporates the distinctive floor plan into the creation of the work. The title of the show is a nod to a book written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott that details the experiential perspective of flat shapes living in a two-dimensional world. The intrusion into their plane by a sphere begins a dialogue, as the sphere attempts to explain three-dimensions to a flat creature who has no mental or bodily reference for it. By way of analogy, the classic tale begs consideration of a fourth dimension in the mind of the reader, awakening one’s imagination to alternate realities.

Piqued by this mathematical parable, Hernandez is interested in what gets produced when two worlds (worldviews, architectures, structural systems) collide. In preparation for the exhibit, Hernandez configured the gallery into its simplest architectural form defined by raw studs and skeletal framework. Hernandez then replicated the exact proportions of EGHQ to scale in the Mojave Desert using standard 2×4 construction. The replicate structure bisected an abandoned homestead such that the two structures crossed paths, sharing a portion of common space.

Occupying this fusion of architectures in the desert for a period of three days, Hernandez documented the installation using his photographic methods for mapping perspective. Photography becomes the vehicle in his methodology for converging two separate locations in order to create a body of work that exists on multiple planes. The end result is a combination of two and three-dimensional elements that transform the gallery into an experiential panorama. Opening Saturday July 16th from 6-9pm, the exhibition will close on August 6th.


EGHQ in the Mojave Desert 2011

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